A Misplaced Mystery Understanding the One God (eBook)

A Misplaced Mystery Understanding the One God (eBook)

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This exciting new book explains the Godhead in a thorough yet understandable manner. The unique presentation of this most vitale truth will engage, educate, and inspire. A Misplaced Mystery has been enthusiastically endorsed by youth, new converts, youth pastors, pastors, and bible college instructors. It is recommended for anyone that desires to understand, explain, or teach oneness doctrine.

“Informative and enjoyable, straightforward yet non-antagonistic, Bro. Landon Davis’ book, A Misplaced Mystery, will reinforce your beliefs, answer questions, and increase your understanding of the Oneness doctrine.”
Indiana Bible College Perspectives Magazine

“This new book is a layman’s guide to understanding the Oneness of God. Brother Davis has captured the essence of this vital doctrine in words that anyone can understand. Our church ordered multiple copies to have on hand as we disciple and train new members.”
J.R. Ensey
Advance Ministries

“I love your book. Your approach is fresh, logical, and easy for a layperson to follow and understand. I see great value in the book for evangelistic purposes.”
Richard Davis
Dean of Theology , Texas Bible College

“The book is easy to understand. It makes me hungry to keep reading, and I would feel this way if I was a non-oneness person.”
Glen Davidson
Instructor , Christian Service Training Institute

'A Misplaced Mystery is a must read.'
Nathan Smith
AR Youth President, UPCI

'A Misplaced Mystery is a masterpiece. In it, scriptural doctrines are established by allowing the scripture itself to be the teacher.'
Ladd Hurst
Pastor, The Sanctuary Church