Open House

As each summer ends, a familiar routine occurs across North America. Schools invite parents to their campus for an open house to meet their children’s teachers; get familiar with what happens at class; and to be updated about what to expect in terms of class rules, homework, and so on. This year, why not take advantage of this trend and host a similar event at your church?

This kit provides you with the tools and resources you need to host an open house so you can connect more closely to the parents of the children you minister to each week and encourage more buy-in at home. These kit materials will guide you through the process of planning, advertising, and hosting this event where parents walk through the Sunday school classes, meet the teachers, learn about the class routines, and find out how they can partner with the church to nurture their children’s spiritual growth at home.

Feel from to adapt this material and use it in whatever way you choose to make this Open House a success in your unique church setting.


Contents of the Open House Kit

The kit is a digital folder containing over twenty documents that will walk you through the steps of planning and hosting an Open House. Resources include decoration ideas, scavenger hunt ideas, a promotional flyer, a helpful form for talking with parents of children with special needs, and many more resources to enhance the way you partner with parents.


Contents of the Open House Kit

The kit is available as a free resource. When you click the link below, you can download the zipped file. Inside you’ll find all the documents you need to launch your Open House.


Click here to download the Open House Kit.