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Are you able to track the spiritual growth of your members?

Spiritual health feels so subjective. We can be encouraged by a dynamic altar service, only to see someone struggling weeks or even days later. While there are no easy ironclad ways to automate spiritual growth, tracking tools can help leaders identify cautionary areas for quicker response. With the spiritual growth assessment available in My Growth Toolkit, anyone in your church can take a voluntary survey based on six roots of Apostolic discipleship. You can use the first assessment as a baseline, teach to deficient areas, and assess the group again as often as you like to see the group’s growth.

Is it easy for you to see which members are in which groups or classes at your church?

We have software for so many aspects of church life from tracking our finances to projecting song lyrics. However, many churches have no easy means of seeing who is involved in each of the groups and classes; teachers simply react based on whoever shows up any given week. My Growth Toolkit provides a management system so you can set up your classes digitally and at any time see a list of members or students, view notes, send information with one click, and much more.

Can you measure your teachers’ effectiveness and offer them ongoing training?

Even the most dedicated teachers and group leaders need ongoing training to best disciple church members you’ve entrusted to their care. But how can you tell if they’re doing a good job? What would you do if they’re not? My Growth Toolkit offers self-assessments teachers can take to indicate their strengths and areas in need of improvement. Additionally, it provides a library of teacher training videos so your staff can receiving ongoing attention to grow in their ministry.



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