Kindergarten Teacher Manual Winter 2021

Kindergarten Teacher Manual Winter 2021

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Children’s Classroom Décor: Winter in the Big City

Throughout history, God’s light and love have reached into humanity’s darkness, powerful enough to offer hope and purpose. This quarter explores God’s love as described in the Book of I John, the Old Testament promises spoken by some of the minor prophets, and Paul’s epistles of instruction to young Timothy. As teachers tie together lessons from across the pages of Scripture, students will learn how big and powerful God’s light and love are and how to be a light in their world.

This teacher’s manual puts into the teacher’s hand practical and exciting ideas to feed these hungry minds a well-balanced diet. Creative ideas are given for teaching the children as they play, give, and do. Every segment of the lesson reassures the children that God loves and cares for them. As the children learn basic Bible story facts about people who are part of His story, they will also hear how they too can be part of His story, using some of the same techniques, decisions, and thought processes that the Bible characters used.

Extra helps are included throughout the teacher’s manual such as Bible backgrounds, teacher insights that discuss characteristics of four- and five-year-olds, suggestions for working with those with special needs, and practical teaching tips that cover everything from clever craft ideas to dealing with discipline issues. All activities, memory work, games, and lessons are age-appropriate to meet the broad scope of the various students’ learning skills, while encouraging them to stretch their abilities.