Beginner Teacher Manual  Spring 2021

Beginner Teacher Manual Spring 2021

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Children’s Classroom Décor: Under the Sea Expedition

The ocean is beautiful. Its salty blue water dances in the sunlight, and its rolling waves race to the sandy shore where they collide with a foamy white crash. For all the wonder the sea conjures from its surface, it is nothing compared to the splendor revealed to those who dare to dive into its watery depths. This could very well describe God and the way He reveals His goodness and His glory to those who dive into His Word. This quarter explores the vast ocean of God and the Bible, as we dip our toes into Revelation and the Minor Prophets. John will give students a glimpse into the beautiful treasure called Heaven. Students will wade into teachings about the special relationship God has with His people, and prophets of old will teach students how to stay afloat in this big and wonderful world.

First and second graders (typically ages 6-7) are fun to teach, as it is exciting to see the “light bulb” moments when they get what is being taught. This group is ready to move past basic facts and start grasping concepts that go beyond mere echoing of “Our God is one.” Age-appropriate crafts, games, discussion questions, and Bible stories will lead them to understand in their hearts and minds that our God is one! As God’s story is told through active interaction such as puppet skits, drama role-play, echoing, and expressive storytelling, your beginners will learn that they too are key players in His story today. Options to include every learning style (e.g., music, logic, movement, introspection) somewhere in the session allow the teacher to pick and choose what will work best for the students’ capabilities.

In addition to a Beginner Teacher’s Manual for each teacher, Word Aflame recommends one Beginner Activity Paper per student, as well as one Beginner Resource Packet per class. When you purchase the teacher’s manual, you will find an access code inside that allows you to download free digital versions (PDFs and Word documents) of the manual for study on the go through your electronic devices.